Fresh Tomatoes
fresh Tomatoes
About Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes  provide 40% of the daily adult requirements of vitamin C and provide a source of Lycopene, which is an anti-oxidant that protects cells and fights cancer.
  • Our tomatoes are hydroponically grown and manually harvested for packing.
  • Widely used for various food  preparations

Selecting :
We choose, freshly harvested Tomatoes, which are mature and yellow – green, firm in texture, which are suitable for Sea transit. We are well experienced in tomato supply and logistics.

Freshly harvested tomatoes are selected manually and graded.

Tpacked in corrugated or wooden box, as per the requirement of buyer and market.

Storing :
Optimum temperature and Relative humidity are maintained in the Reefer container, our technical experts are present at the stuffing and sealing of container for proper storage. So that Tomatoes reaches you as fresh as freshly harvested.

Packing :

Box TypeBox WeightInner Packing
Corrugated Box5 - 10 kilo
Loose Packing
Wooden Box
upto 25 kilo
Loose Packing