Fresh Cabbage
Fresh Cabbage - Grace Tradelinks
About Fresh Cabbage

(Brassica oleracea var. Capitata L) 

We supply Fresh cabbage to our customer.
The word "cabbage" is derived from the French word "coboche" that means head. It is cultivated as an annual crop. It is an important crop and commercially cultivated. Its popularity is somewhat less compared to cauliflower, through the position is reverse when the popularity is judged in the world as a whole.

Standard Quality:
  • Cabbage in any lot shall have Similar varietal characteristics – means and characteristic of leaves; the same general shape, colour.
  • Firm – dense and compact are distinctly formed and possess, reasonable firm, means that the head some degree of solidity, yielding slightly to pressure, but are not soft or puffy, and burst;
  • Fresh – means that the cabbage show reaped appearance not showing signs of dehydration;
  • Clean – means that the cabbage free from chemical deposits and other foreign matter.
  • Free from Damage – means any defect or combination of defects of physiological physical (external or internal) causes which detract from the edible or extends into the head; cut and bruises.
Packing Requirements:
  • Cabbages are packed in a manner, which will afford protection to the produce.
  • Container will meet the quality, hygiene, ventilation and resistance
  • Characteristics to ensure suitable handling, shipping and preserving of the cabbages.
  • The use or materials, particularly or paper or stamps bearing trade Specifications.
Quality Control:
The cabbage will be:
  • fresh
  • clean of similar varietal characteristics
  • free from disease 
Grading and sizing:
Size is determined by the weight of individual cabbage head. Size Weight (ranges in kg)
  • Large     > 3
  • Medium   2 -3
  • Small     < 2