Food Safety
We are concern with Food safety.

There are no short cuts on food safety. Grace Tradelinks operates the strictest safeguards to protect you from the risk of contamination and bacterial infection. We’re not content just to meet food safety and hygiene standards set by the International quality control bodies; we aim to exceed them!
  • Grace Tradelinks has developed a comprehensive program for food safety - crop inspection through to monitoring quality constantly and packing hygiene.
  • We have reduced the use of crop preservatives, using them only as a last resort and always within established limits.
  • Grace Tradelinks has also introduced an innovative program of biological treatment on many of its plantations. Natural methods are used to combat pests and disease wherever possible.
  • Expert agronomists audit our fields to ensure they comply with strict environmental guidelines.
Grace Tradelinks is not only committed to supplying the finest quality produce to its customers, we are also determined to deliver goods that are safe, wholesome, and meet or exceed industry standards. Of course we make sure it meets your requirements too. The Grace Tradelinks has always and continues to make food safety its number one priority