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Canned Mango Puree
About Mango Concentrate, Mango Pulp & Mango Puree

These are made from selected varieties of Mango. Fully matured Mangoes are harvested, quickly transported to our fruit processing plant, inspected and washed. Selected high quality fruits go to the controlled ripening chambers; Fully Ripened Mango fruits are then washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded, centrifuged, homogenized, concentrated when required, thermally processed and aseptically filled maintaining commercial sterility.

Aseptic Fruit Purees are available in 220 kgs bag in drum & 20 kgs bag in box packing. Aseptic fruit purees are aseptic filled into pre-sterilized, high-barrier bags placed in steel drums internally painted with food grade lacquer. The bag is heat sealed and drum tight-closed to ensure no free space inside the drum. Small and bulk packs also available in 650 ml Can.

Storage :
1. Aseptic product: It should be stored at cool & dry place below 20ºC. Preferably below 15ºC. for extended shelf life.
2. Canned product: It should be stored in a cool & dry place away from heat.

Shelf-life :
Eighteen months from the date of manufacturing when stored below 15º C. The contents must be used immediately after opening the Package.

Custom Products : Aseptic fruit purees can also be supplied as per customer's specifications.

Preservatives :  Free from any chemical preservatives.

Flavour & Taste : The colour, texture, flavour and taste are uniform and consistent.

Usages : Farm Fresh Fruit purees are easy to handle can be used in unlimited applications. Some of these are:

Bakery : Fruit breads, cakes, tarts, muffins, pie-fillings, icings, donuts, etc.

Beverages : Milkshakes, fruit drinks, nectars etc.

Diary : Ice-creams, fruit bars, milk shakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings, deserts etc.

Baby Food : Cereals, juices, strained fruit, fruit desserts, fruit drinks, etc. Purees can also be processed into other convenient forms such as spray dried freeze-dried powders etc.