Basmati Rice & Non - Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice
About Basmati Rice & Non - Basmati Rice

Grace Tradelinks Leading exporter of Indian Basmati and Non Basmati  Rice.
We are highly experienced Indian Rice Exporter, we offer 1121, PUSA and other variety of Indian Basmati Rice.

Indian Basmati Rice Variety:

    * Super Basmati Rice (Raw & Sella)
    * 1121 Basmati Rice (Raw)
    * 1121 Basmati Rice (White Sella)
    * 1121 Basmati Rice (Golden Sella)
    * 1121 Basmati Rice (Steam)
    * Pusa Basmati Rice (Raw)
    * Pusa Basmati (White Sella)
    * Pusa Basmati Rice (Golden Sella)
    * Pusa Basmati Rice (Steam)
    * Sugandha Basmati Rice
    * Sharbati Basmati Rice

Indian Non - Basmati Rice Variety:

    * PR-11 (White)
    * PR-11 (Parboiled & Broken)
    * PR-108 ( Parboiled, & Broken)
    * IR-8 (White Rice)
    * IR-8 (Parboiled & Broken)
    * Sona Masoorie Rice
    * PR-14 (White And Sella)
    * Parmal Rice (White & Sella)


*    World's longest rice
*    Non sticky rice
*    Average length 8.20 mm
*    Excellent light food
*    Best for Diabetes and Obese
*    Control blood glucose
*    Control Appetite
*    Reduces heart diseases

*    Aromatic rice
*    Average length 7.20 mm
*     Excellent light food
*    Wonderful taste.

*    Average length 7.40 mm
*    Light food
*    Wonderful taste
*    Best for restaurants and hotels
*    Best quality rice

*    Average length 6.90 mm
*    Best for hotels and restaurants
*    Best quality long grain rice


PR-11 (WHITE):
We are also expert in offering of white rice PR 11 grade of rice which is known for its superb taste as well as full rice grains. This white rice is white in color as well as also has low moisture level. This white rice is also packed in various packages and is free from stones as well as other dirt and dust.

We are the major exporters of Long Grain White Non Basmati Rice (Raw & Parboiled) (broken in range of 1-25%) and many more varieties of Rice. All the products can be offered in Bulk Packing or in customized smaller packing required by the customer. We are already exporting Indian Rice to our various clients based in Gulf. We look forward to hear from you.


    * Broken (2 /3 basis of average length): 5% max
    * Moisture: 14% max.
    * Chalky grains (2/3 basis): 6% max
    * Damaged/ discoloured: 2 % max
    * Yellow kernels: 2% max
    * Red & red streaked kernals: 1% max
    * Foreign matter: 1% max
    * Paddy kernals: 0. 5% max
    * Average length long grain: 6. 25 mm min to 6. 75 mm

White rice is husked rice from which all or part of the bran and germ has been removed by milling. White rice is also referred to as polished rice and milled rice as the husk and bran are completely removed from the kernel.

We offer high quality parboiled rice. Indian parboiled rice IR-8 is highly appreciated in the world market for its universal taste and wider suitability. We proffer white parboiled rice that is extensively used for the preparation of appetizing dishes. Known for aromatic qualities, the parboiled rice provided by us is highly demanded by our customers for their nutritional values. In addition to this, these can be obtained in customized quantities suiting to the needs and requirements of our customers.


Before milling matured paddy is again dried to bring the moisture level to 10 to 10.5%. Paddy grains are cleaned and husk and polished in our Modern Rice Mill.

The rice can be processed as per specific requirements and quality standards given by the buyers. We can produce rice varieties in BROWN, WHITE, etc. Parboiled can also be produced on special order basis.

Normally rice is polished singly or twice by either of the two techniques - simple pearling polish or high gloss silky polishing.

Processing before Shipment
The Milled Rice is again processed by Sorted and graded in our plant and packing Unit conforming to International parameters of excellence, we ensure Basmati Rice with length exceeding 7.1 mm and perfectly tapered ends.

We have the most modern electronic weighing scales that ensure high degree of accuracy in weighing. We realize that a very important part of marketing is packaging; so rice is attractively packed in sizes ranging from 1 kg to 100 kg in:
Jute bags
Cotton bags
Paper bags
Polyethylene bags
High quality packing material preserves natural aroma and taste. Any type of packing can be done according to the requirements of the buyer.

The aromatic Basmati Rice of Indian has continued to attract traders over the years and today GRACE TRADELINKS are associated with the manufacturers of the best quality Basmati Rice.

 It has been a story of success and diversification enabling the company to realize its potential in the international market amongst the global giants, thus creating a noticeable niche the world over as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, CIS Countries and many more.

With vast years of experience and commitment to one only one entity - 'the customer' incorporating the latest and most innovative technology has enabled Grace Tradelinks to gale a rare insight into the complex dynamic of this product today'.
 GRACE TRADELINKS is synonymous with quality based procurement, hi-tech parameters of quality and hygiene having its very own milling plants and state - of the - art machinery. Produce Basmati Rice confirming to international standards and has attained a brand
GRACE TRADELINKS works with clients to establish a vision for organizational advancements, and then works to identify areas in which technology can support achieving the goals of satisfying the clients and importer thoroughly. A tactical implementation plan provides a road map for the development of technical and business solutions.

Quality and Transparency, Traceability is paramount Grace Tradelinks.

We work with setup factory having its own state-of-the-art rice milling and processing unit installed with latest fully automated rice machinery.
 A clear focused thinking mind, discipline, punctuality and freedom of experience is encouraged. It believes in the development of human resources and constant interaction at all levels to achieve its long term objectives.
Grace Tradelinks products are processed from the best Quality raw materials in their purest cuisine.
Our products are free from artificial colour, flavouring agents and preservatives.