Fresh Mango
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About Fresh Mango
  • Mango (Mangifera indica) is known as the King of fruits in India.
  • The fruit is medium in size, ovate – oblique, long - round in shape, orange yellow, Bright yellow in colour.
  • Varieties from India are available in the months of February to August.
  • Mango is the leading fruit crop of India and considered to be the king of fruits. Besides delicious taste, excellent flavor and attractive fragrance, it is rich in vitamin A & C.

Selecting :
  • Pick only clean and healthy looking fruit
  • consistent maturity
  • Fruits harvested leaving 10 cm of stalk
  • Fruit should be harvested at light green colour stage of mango peel (skin)
  • Total soluble solids (TSS) of mango fruit is recommended to be between 7 to 8%
  • The  fruits  of  uniform  characteristics are harvested and packed to ensure uniform ripening
  • Consignment lot should comprise of fruits harvested at the same period
We choose, freshly harvested Mangoes, which are mature and, firm in texture, which are suitable for Sea transit. We are well experienced in Indian Mangoes supply and logistics.

Freshly harvested tomatoes are selected manually and graded.
Packed in corrugated or wooden box, as per the requirement of buyer and market.

Packhouse Facility:

Freshly plucked mangoes are packed after de-sapping, Washing, brushing, drying grading, packed in optimized corrugated box.

Pre-cooling :

Immediately after packing, the packed fruits shall be transferred to pre cooling chamber .
The recommended temperature of pre cooling chamber is 12-13 Degree Celsius.

Container loading Transportation :

Optimum temperature and Relative humidity are maintained in the Reefer container, our technical experts are present at the stuffing and sealing of container for proper storage. So that Fresh Mangoes reaches you as fresh as freshly harvested.

Shipping carried out within 48 hours of harvesting.
Temperature of the loading bay maintained at 12 Degree Celsius.
Proper Air flow movement provided by proper stacking Cartons.
The temperature of the container should be maintained at 12 degree celcius.

Packing and palletization:

Box TypeBox WeightInner Packing
Corrugated Box3 KgLoose Packing - 18 to 22 Pieces
Corrugated Box5 KgLoose Packing - 18 to 22 Pieces

Mango fruits packed in single layer within the self locking fiber board carton boxes.
The packing materials are water proof coating to prevent damage to the fruits.