Fresh Grapes
fresh Indian grapes
About Fresh Grapes
  • The world's most abundant cultivated fruit;  around 60 million tons/year
  • We offer varieties, sweet and sharp tasting
  • Skin colors range from pale green to red and blue-black
  • A delicious and natural ready-to-eat
Selecting :
We choose, plump fresh-looking grapes that are firmly attached to their stems. Although table grapes generally include larger varieties, size is not a measure of taste. Still we go for bigger but tastier ones.

Grapes Specification :

Berry Size
  • Bunch Weight 200 grams to 600 grams
  • Sugar 16% to 18% TSS and above
  • Stems Fresh and Green
White Seedless - Thompson
16mm to 18mm
Black Seedless - Sharad
18mm to 20mm
Red Seedless - Flame
17mm to 20mm

Storing :
Table grapes do not ripen after harvest and must be handled with care. But under the right conditions, they can be stored for up to 3-4 month. Grapes are transported at a temperature of around -1°C in 95% humidity, arriving fresh and juicy at the arrival port.

Packing :

Box Type Box Weight Inner Packing
Corrugated Box 4.5 Kg
  Loose Carry bags or Pouches
Corrugated Box 5 Kg   10 x 500 gms Punnets
Thermocol Box
 4/6/8 Kg   Loose Carry bags or Pouches

  • 4.5 kilo Corrugated Box, loose carry bags or Pouches
  • 4/6/8 Kilo Thermocol Box, loose Carry bags or Pouches in
  • 5 kilo Corrugated Box, (10 x 500 gms Punnets)