Chaunsa Mango
Fresh Chaunsa Mango
Chaunsa mangoes most popular late season variety. The fruit is medium oblong and has a golden yellow colour with a red blush. This variety is also grown in Northern parts of India and is available in July & August.

Maturity Stages of the fruit.
  • The shoulders are in the line with the stem-end and the colour of the fruit is olive green.
  • The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour is olive green
  • The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour becomes light
  • The flesh becomes soft and blush develops.

The Chausa Mango are is most delicious fruit available late in the season , one of the juicy mangoes, available in good size, farm fresh, extremely juicy having sweet flesh these are pure temptation. Fresh Chausa Mango is in high demand all over the world for its high quality and freshness.

We provide proper packaging that ensures greater shelf life and protection against any kind of damage.
  • Cahunsa Mangoes have powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities.
  • High in proteins and vitamins
  • Good for digestion